Swedish Town Tests Out Tactivo for Healthcare Workers

HiResJust a few months after having received approval for use in the Swedish healthcare system, Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo readers are being implemented in the municipality of Landskrona. In a proof of concept trial, the devices are being used to authentication healthcare professionals for mobile access to Pascal, Sweden’s electronic prescription tool.

When healthcare administrators need access to the Pascal online medication administration tool, they can now do so via tablet with the Tactivo readers’ two-factor authentication. The Tactivo devices read the healthcare administrators’ SITHS smart cards and also ask for a PIN code; combined with the fingerprint scanning Touch ID system built into all new mobile Apple devices, this allows for a potentially high level of security. Enabling secure mobile access means that healthcare workers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time actually working with their patients.

Sweden’s isn’t the only healthcare system experimenting with the Tactivo readers; a National Health Service foundation trust in Britain has also been keen to implement the devices in its hospitals. Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense has evidently seen the value of secure mobile access for its personnel, having placed multiple orders for the devices since December of last year.