Synaptics Sensor Powers TCL 950 Biometrics

The Synaptics Natural ID biometric sensor is embedded in the TCL 950’s all-glass backside.

TCL Communication is once again incorporating Synaptics biometric technology into a new smartphone. Its flagship TCL 950 features a Synaptics Natural ID sensor.

Synaptics Sensor Powers TCL 950 BiometricsIt’s an under-glass deployment, though not one in which the sensor has been brought directly into the device’s display – an aspiration across the mobile industry. Rather, the sensor is embedded in the TCL 950’s all-glass backside, where it doubles as a shutter button for the device’s camera. Its primary function, of course, is to allow for phone unlocking, and to verify mobile transactions, and for those purposes its match-in-sensor, anti-spoofing, and encryption technologies should help to reassure users of its security.

TCL also opted for Synpatics’ Natural ID technology for Alcatel smartphones it announced earlier this year. More recently, Synaptics saw another important integration when Lenovo brought Natural ID technology into its Yoga 910 convertible laptop.