Synaptics and Nok Nok Labs Partner To Deliver Enhanced Fingerprint Sensor Solution

Over one billion smartphones sold in 2013. The devices are becoming so integral to everyday life that they feel more like extensions of the human body than handy gadgets, yet certain roadblocks continue to stand in the way of the true potential offered by the current state of mobile technology. According to a study cited by Nok Nok Labs, 66 percent of consumers have tried to complete a commercial transaction via smartphone or tablet and failed.

This is not because it is too ambitious. The idea that it is difficult to properly and securely pay for a product through the convenience of our most mobile and in many cased most used devices is frustrating to say the least. This is why founding FIDO Alliance board members Nok Nok Labs and Synaptics have partnered: to solve the problem of design that is holding mCommerce back.

In November of 2013, with its acquisition of Validity Sensors (another founding FIDO member), Synaptics entered the fingerprint identification market. Now, in this recently announced strategic partnership, the human interface solutions company and Nok Nok Labs will aim to provide a fully integrated FIDO Ready fingerprint solution that will allow device manufacturers to build easy to use strong authentication into their smartphone offerings.

“Nok Nok Labs has been working with Synaptics to deliver an enhanced Fingerprint Sensor solution, based around the FIDO Ready protocols,” says Nok Nok Labs president and CEO Phillip Dunkelberger. “Synaptics’ deep experience of human interface solutions has strengthened this partnership and what we’re enabling will allow smartphone manufacturers to deliver the seamless authentication solution their customers are looking for.”

Rick Bergman, president and CEO of Synaptics comments on the timeliness of this collaboration, saying, “As we reach the first anniversary of the public launch of the FIDO Alliance, our partnership shows how the vision of the founding members is being executed. By combining our market-leading fingerprint id technology with Nok Nok Lab’s authentication infrastructure, we are able to present the market with an end to end solution to the mobile authentication challenge.”

Nok Nok Labs has specifically ingrained itself in a crucial collaborative position. In the same way that the company will be offering its NNL Multifactor Authentication Client for Synaptics’ Natural ID Fingerprint Sensors in this describe partnership, Nok Nok Labs also provides its technology as a necessary component of the FIDO Ready certification process.

This idea of attacking the market by ways of redesign is looking to be effective in heralding the convenience and security of a post-password paradigm.