Synaptics Brings Anti-Spoofing Capability to SentryPoint Platform

Synaptics Brings Anti-Spoofing Capability to SentryPoint PlatformUser interface developer Synaptics has developed a new anti-spoofing system for its SentryPoint security platform.

SentryPoint enrolls and matches user data entirely through its sensor, which is itself completely isolated from the processor of its host device. It also features a built-in cryptographic engine, TLS1.2 encrypted communication to the host processor, key generation, and adherence to FIDO UAF standards. It’s thus a highly secure authentication system—and now even more so with its new anti-spoofing technology.

In a statement announcing the development, the Synaptics suggested that the anti-spoofing system brings a degree of liveness detection to fingerprint scanning. That could offer impactful benefits if applied to mobile devices, and indeed that seems to be the company’s aim: Commenting on the new offering, Synaptics executive Anthony Gioeli explained that “Synaptics is acutely addressing the rapid growth in fingerprint sensor adoption and the rise in mobile payment platforms, by delivering SentryPoint to allay security concerns of identity theft.”

The company will showcase this solution, among others including its new Natural ID FS4304 sensor, at next week’s Mobile World Congress.