Synaptics ClearPad Solutions Have Automotive Applications

User interface developer Synaptics has launched three new ClearPad touch controller solutions with potential applications in tablets, smartphones, and even cars.

The Synaptics 3600 Series and the 3700 Series are designed for smartphones, with the latter offering more advanced features for higher-end devices. That includes pressure-sensing ClearForce technology, which will likely be in demand given the prominence of similar technologies in new smartphones like the iPhone 6S; as well as stylus capabilities, non-touch hover sensing for distances up to 25mm, and SideTouch technology enabling user control from the edge of the screen, as in seen in its recent integration in Xiaomi’s Mi4c smartphone. The 3600 Series, meanwhile, sports some neat features of its own, including user-defined gesture recognition and the company’s FaceDetect Plus technology.

The Synaptics 7800 Series, on the other hand, is more heavy-duty, designed for screens of up to 17.3″. The company says it offers double the processing power of comparable, previous-generation technology; and it also offers 1mm passive pen support, improved performance with moisture and gloved hands, and wake-up gesture functionality.

Commenting on the extension of the company’s lineup of touch controllers in a press release, Synaptics SVP Kevin Barber said it brings ClearPad technology “into multiple market segments with exciting new functionality and underscores Synaptics’ innovation and leadership in creating unmatched touch solutions.”