Four Synaptics Products Get FIDO Certification

Four Synaptics Products Get FIDO CertificationUser interface developer Synaptics has announced that four of its fingerprint scanning products have now received FIDO certification. Through its latest round of testing, the FIDO Alliance has deemed the products compliant with its FIDO 1.0 Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) standard.

The certification verified that Synaptics’ Natural ID solution was compliant with FIDO standards, thereby opening up a range of potential devices to the potential integration of FIDO Certified technology; Synaptics’ products have applications in a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and peripheral devices. And among the newly certified products is Synaptics’ latest offering, the Match-in-Sensor, which encapsulates both fingerprint scanning and matching in one piece of hardware, thereby isolating the biometric identification process from the potentially vulnerable host processor.

While the certifications reflect high security and technological standards, they are also to be expected for Synaptics. The company is in fact a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, and in a statement FIDO’s executive director Brett McDowell said the company “has provided consistent leadership, participation and commitment to the development of the FIDO standards and market adoption programs.” Moreover, Synaptics has worked closely with Microsoft in developing compatible biometric touchpad technologies for its new Windows 10 operating system, which places a heavy emphasis on security. Synaptics is a security leader, in other words, and as such its latest FIDO certifications are a welcome, if unsurprising, development.