Synaptics’ Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensor Goes into Sampling

Synaptics has announced that its Natural ID FS4500 fingerprint sensor has gone into sampling.

Synaptics' Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensor Goes into SamplingThe six-by-six millimeter sensor is notable for its under-glass applications, with the capability to function beneath a layer as thick as 300um. In a statement announcing the product’s sampling, Synaptics asserted that “glass buttons are increasingly being adopted on smartphones,” and emphasized the utility of its under-glass solution.

Commenting on the new device, Synaptics VP Anthony Gioeli called it “a testament to human interface innovation in capacitive touch fingerprint sensing through glass.” Gioeli also suggested that the device is already facing considerable demand, saying the Synaptics team is “thrilled with the interest this new technology has garnered” and adding that the company is working to extend its sensor technology’s functionality through thicker plates of glass and eventually into a device’s display itself.

These efforts certainly track with Apple’s interests regarding its iPhone—often at the leading edge of smartphone technology. Rumors are already swirling that this year’s iPhone will feature a capacitive home button, and recent patent filings suggest that Apple wants to bring its Touch ID fingerprint scanning system directly into the iPhone’s display. If such designs become popular in the future, Synaptics could see rising demand for its under-glass solutions.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)