Synaptics Tech Supports Another Amazon Echo Rival

Synaptics far-field voice digital signal processor (DSP) technology is being used in new smart speaker products aimed at rivaling the likes of the Amazon Echo in the Japanese market.Synaptics Tech Supports Another Amazon Echo Rival

The devices come by way of Line Corporation, a Japanese subsidiary of Korea-based Naver Corporation. They feature Clova, Line’s voice-based AI assistant along the lines of Amazon’s Alexa; and Clova interaction is supported by Synaptics’ AudioSmart technology.

In a statement, Naver CEO Han Seong-sook said his company “is very pleased with the design consultation and advanced audio processor technology from Synaptics in support of the development of exciting new products”, adding that Synaptics’ technology helped to bring the products to market “much faster.”

News of the Line integrations comes after Synaptics saw its AudioSmart technology integrated into another Echo rival, the Eufy Genie from China-based Anker, this summer. But the integrations shouldn’t lead anyone to conclude that the company has some kind of vendetta against Amazon and its pioneering Alexa AI assistant; Synaptics also just announced a new development kit, produced in collaboration with Arrow Electronics and NXP Semiconductors, that is aimed at helping third party developers integrate Alexa functionality into their products.

As for its work with Line, the fruits can be found in the new Wave, Face, and Friends smart speaker products.

Sources: Synaptics, VentureBeat