Synaptics Announces New Touch Controllers for Cars

Synaptics has announced three new touch controllers for its ClearPad automotive line. The new solutions, called S7880, S7881, and S7882, are already in the sampling stage.

Synaptics Announces New Touch Controllers for CarsThe new touch controllers feature pressure and proximity sensors, and Synaptics says they can respond to users even under moist conditions or if the users are wearing gloves. They’re also compliant with ISO 11452 automotive electromagnetic compatibility requirements, and meet AEC-Q100 specifications pertaining to harsh environments.

All told, they’re an extension of the company’s effort to bring advanced sensor and touchscreen technology to increasingly sophisticated and connected cars, with Synaptics having launched a new automotive-focused product portfolio last autumn. In a statement announcing the new products, Synaptics’ automotive division head, Sunil Thomas, explained that “[t]he auto industry is rapidly changing and Synaptics is focused on continual investments in this space,” adding, “we are very excited about the global interest from our Tier 1 and OEM customers.”

The company says its S7880, S7881, and S7882 products will go into mass production Q4 of this year.