Synopsis and Sensory Unveil Ultra-Low Power Voice Recognition for IoT

Sensory Announces Multi-Language Support For Speaker RecognitionSoftware developer Synopsis, Inc. and vision- and voice-based UX tech firm Sensory, Inc. have announced what they call an ultra-low power voice recognition system. Running on Synopsis’ low-power ARC EM5D processor, Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree system is being promoted for mobile and Internet of Things applications.

Speaking in a press release, Sensory, Inc. VP Bernard Brafman emphasized the system’s IoT applications, noting that a “trend towards greater numbers of voice-enabled IoT devices is driving the need for integrated hardware and software solutions that can deliver excellent performance while keeping power consumption at a minimum to extend battery life,” and adding that the companies’ low-power solution provides developers with an opportunity “to implement highly accurate voice activation capabilities within the stringent power and performance parameters of their designs.”

Indeed, while larger IoT applications like smart car driver recognition and smart TV voice command systems will likely have all the power they need from their respective energy sources, there are many smaller household devices and systems that could likely benefit from a low-power solution like the TrulyHandsfree system. It may also have some appeal to smartphone makers looking for ways to reduce their devices’ power consumption while offering the voice recognition functionality found on so many prestige devices.