New Tablet Could Extend Access to Aadhaar Services

India-based Datamini has launched a new tablet designed to extend access to financial services. Called the TPOS7 Janunnati Pad, it’s the product of a collaboration between Datamini, Intel, and MAIT, an organization seeking to develop India’s ICT sector.

New Tablet Could Extend Access to Aadhaar ServicesIt’s a 7″ tablet compatible with Android and Windows 10 operating systems, and featuring 2GB of RAM, 5MP and 2MP cameras, and an Intel Atom Z8300 processor. The device also features a barcode reader, magnetic stripe card reader, and fingerprint scanner.

That’s where its Aadhaar compatibility comes into play. The tablet is designed to function with the Aadhaar biometric ID program, enabling users to access subsidy payments and other services via fingerprint scan. Moreover, with its card and barcode scanning capabilities it could enable further banking transactions. While the official price of the Janunnati Pad hasn’t yet been confirmed, in a statement its makers suggested this kind of functionality could help to bring access to financial services “to the rural and urban poor”.

The tablet will also be marketed for enterprise applications, with Datamini Managing Director Pitamber Ahuja asserting that “the timing is apt for such a revolutionary product to be introduced in the country that can address the emerging needs for custom-built, application-specific enterprise class Tablets in the Indian as well as export markets.”

SOURCE: The Indian Express, DATAQUEST