Tactio, Pharmacy 3.0 Tout Benefits of eHealth Platform

Tactio, Pharmacy 3.0 Tout Benefits of eHealth PlatformA pilot project testing out cloud-based remote healthcare management for the elderly has proven “successful beyond expectations,” according to Roger Simard, founder of Pharmacy 3.0. Speaking in a press release from last week’s Stanford Medicine X Conference, Simard joined Tactio Health Group CEO Michel Nadeau in asserting the success of their joint endeavor.

The project is the result of a collaboration between turnkey healthcare solutions provider Pharmacy 3.0 and Tactio Health Group, and it revolved around the latter’s TactioRPM, a cloud-based healthcare management platform. Forty senior home residents ranging in age from 60 to 89 were equipped with biometric health monitoring devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, and pedometers. Those devices were in turn connected wirelessly to a digital hub – in some cases an iPad-based dashboard – that then ran the data though the Tactio RPM7000 cloud platform, which subsequently relayed the data back to patients and pharmacists via their digital dashboards.

The end result, according to Simard, is that the participating individuals, “many of whom had never used computers or devices before the pilot, became not only more knowledgeable about their condition but also far more aware when their biometric parameters weren’t within target range.” The pilot project was such a success, the companies say, that Le Groupe Maurice, which provided the venue for the pilot, has plans to expand the system to all of its senior residences, while a Quebec-based pharmacy chain that had funded the pilot has plans to introduce TactioRPM in 15 of its locations this autumn.