Tactivo For iPad Mini Approved By Apple, iPad Air Smart Casing Undergoing Final Certification

Today, Precise Biometrics has announced that its line of Tactivo smart casing for Apple products has become fully realized. Tactivo for iPad mini is now ready for global launch, having achieved the MFi certification from Apple, and the final piece of the puzzle – Tactivo for iPad Air – is undergoing the final steps in the same process.

Tactivo smart casing enables government agencies to benefit from the efficiencies inherent in introducing mobility into the workplace, without having to worry about the major security risks involved with BYOD. Each Tactivo device is designed specifically for its associated tablet or smartphone model, and once paired, agencies have high-end mobile devices protected with FIPS 201 and LACS multifactor authentication.

Both of the new Tactivos feature smart card readers that support US Government PIV and CAC cards and the Swedish SITHS card, as well as payment chip cards. This is of course in addition to the FIPS 201 certified fingerprint scanning technology embedded in the peripherals as well.

As comes with this territory, Precise Biometrics will simultaneously launch silicone Guardian Cases, to protect the new shapes of the premium hardware. Primarily intended for use in rough and busy environments encountered in military or healthcare deployments, it’s a thoughtful offering from a company that prides itself in providing improved user experience.

Offering this high level of authentication across all of Apple’s currently available mobile devices is beneficial in workplaces that simply require the highest levels of protection in their daily operations. The iOS interface has made its name by offering top-of-the-line user experience, and by adding the strong multifactor authentication demanded by government, military and healthcare organizations, Precise Biometrics is allowing that convenience and accessibility into critical and confidential operations at no risk to security.

These new Tactivo products will be showcased at connect:ID next week in Washington DC from March 18 to 19.