Taiwan-Based OEM Integrates FPC Sensor Technology Into New Smartphone

Fingerprint Cards has announced another new smartphone integration of its fingerprint sensor technology.Taiwan-Based OEM Integrates FPC Sensor Into New Smartphone

In a statement announcing the integration, the company declined to name the client or product in question, but did indicate that the latter is a smartphone, and that the former is a Taiwan-based OEM. FPC also said that the sensor being used is an FPC1145 model.

It’s the same sensor being used in another smartphone integration announced this week. Sharp is using the FPC1145 in its new Sharp Z3, a device being targeted primarily at the Taiwanese market.

News of the integrations arrives soon after the publication of FPC’s Q1 update for 2017, in which the company outlined a challenging market landscape with respect to mobile devices, with excess inventories causing a dip in revenues during the first half of this year.