Tascent’s New InSight One Features Iris and Facial Recognition

Tascent has announced a new biometric authentication solution. Called InSight One, it’s a compact device based on iris and facial recognition.

Iris and Facial Biometrics Take Flight with New Tascent's InSight One SolutionSporting an LCD and LED interface and USB and ethernet ports, the device is designed for easy integration into desktop and kiosks setups, with different color options helping it to blend in with its setting’s aesthetic. More importantly, it can scan a subject from 20 to 40 inches away, capturing facial and iris biometrics in just two seconds.

“We set out to create a product with the versatility of combined iris and face capture that would change perspectives on usability, performance, and design for biometric systems,” says Joey Pritikin, Tascent’s VP of marketing and product management. “The result is something that really connects with people while delivering outstanding biometric performance, unlike anything of its kind.”

In a statement announcing the solution, Tascent CEO Dean Senner called InSight One a “natural and trustworthy” solution to meet the “new and unprecedented demands for biometric authentication driven by the strong growth in international travel, the need to deliver robust services in healthcare, finance, and government, and the melding of our digital and physical worlds.”

Accordingly, the company says it has already received some initial orders, with “consumer-facing applications focusing on travel and identity in early 2017.” The company is evidently helping to realize its own predictions about using biometric technology to bring about a ‘new golden age’ for air travel.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)