TCS-Symantec Solution Offers Device Location Authentication

TCS-Symantec Solution Offers Device Location AuthenticationSecure wireless tech company TeleCommunication Systems has teamed up with IT security firm Symantec to deliver a new anti-fraud system based on location authentication. The solution combines TCS Trusted Location with Symantec’s Mobility Risk Detection technology to authenticate users’ geographic data.

The basis of the system’s approach is TCS Trusted Location, which leverages cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, and other available data sets to retrieve the user’s location via their mobile device. Importantly, Symantec’s Mobility Risk Detection technology is employed simultaneously to assess whether the user’s device has suffered any kind of security breach. The two systems then algorithmically come up with a Trust Score indicating the likelihood that the device being used is actually where it’s supposed to be.

Unlike alternative location-tracking platforms, the system’s use of more than one geolocational technology allows it to be used much more broadly, potentially all over the world; while its verification of device integrity ensures that client companies aren’t being misled with faulty information about the user’s location.

The companies suggest that their combined solution provides an ideal means of user authentication in such areas as Internet of Things services, bank account creation, and CNP and PoS transactions. Indeed, as behavioral biometrics systems rise in popularity, a solution like this one could prove extremely valuable as an extra layer of security in ensuring that user activity is being monitored accurately and without interference from security breaches.