Ten New Members Join AllSeen IoT Alliance

Internet of Things, Smart Tech, Connectivity, Mobile EcosystemTen new members have joined the AllSeen Alliance, a group dedicated to a common, open source platform for the Internet of Things (Though the group calls it the Internet of Everything).

The new members are a diverse crew, including a major US-based telecommunications company (CenturyLink), a nonprofit advocating for ICT standardization (TTA), and a smart home solutions developer (Viva Labs). In announcing the new members, AllSeen noted that while “their expertise is spread across a broad stroke of verticals, these companies unite to advance AllJoyn as the common, open source framework for IoT.”

The new members also include three security specialists – DigiCert, a digital certificate developer; Homeboy, a smart home security specialist; and Sansa Security, a comprehensive IoT security platform provider that has itself been calling for better IoT security standards. That’s good news; the IoT is expected to be both enormous and rife with security vulnerabilities. Security experts have long been calling for improved IoT security and the kinds of security standards that AllSeen is increasingly in a position to set. As the alliance continues to grow with new members, hopefully they’ll be able to start working toward standards for privacy as well.