The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged – Commerce: Mobile Primer

In association with Acuity Market Intelligence and our sister site, findBIOMETRICS, the team at Mobile ID World is once again getting ready to converge on Tampa, Florida, for Biometrics UnPlugged.

The second annual industry gathering to bring the thought leaders of biometrics and identity management together for a day of dynamic discussion and keynotes, this year’s event will focus on Mobility at the Crossroads of Commerce and Privacy. In preparation, all summer long we will be turning our focus to the key topics and we want you to participate.

Because of how important mobile technology is becoming in commerce right now, throughout July we will be discussing the various ways that mobility is bringing about the next generation of finance, marketing and retail.

The Next Generation Of Commerce

Banking and payments: these are the areas of finance most ripe for transformation now that mobile identity management has become more accessible and mainstream.

Recently, Apple has opened up its Touch ID function to third party developers, allowing for mobile biometric banking; Samsung has announced a second smartphone that will allow for fingerprint enabled PayPal transactions; MasterCard is bringing banking to the underserved; France is exploring ideas of biometric payments; even Peer-to-Peer mCommerce is taking off. All of these are different and dynamic happenings, but at the heart of each of them is mobility and trust.

Mobility A Key Component in Retail Biometric Payments

France Interbank Network Evaluating Biometric Payment Options

Samsung Announces Second Biometric Smartphone

Peer-to-Peer mCommerce is Going Viral Thanks to Venmo

MasterCard Financial Inclusion Initiative Driven By mCommerce and Biometric Technology

The Next Generation of Marketing

As we explored during Mobile Multi-Modal Month, your relationship with mobility is changing your very identity. Marketing, especially in today’s advertising-filled world, lives and dies on knowing a target audience.

The following links will bring you up to date on how mobility, biometrics and marketing are interacting to better target advertising:

Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature 2: Your Next Generation Identity

Two New Biometric Patents Bring Vital Recognition To Advertising

Mobile Money Set To Change Marketing

The Next Generation of Competition

With the mainstreaming of strong authentication technology on mobile devices, there is a growing competition to become the way users choose to spend their money. Multiple modes and multiple devices are vying to become the one way to pay.

The following articles all feature a different way that you might transact in the very near future:

Apple Opens Touch ID to App Developers

AGNITiO Now Providing Demos For KIVOX Mobile Voice Biometrics

Eyeprints To Protect Mobile Banking Transactions

Battle of the Fingerprint Sensor Smartphones

Rise of the Digital Wallets: Where Do We Draw The Line Between Security and Convenience?

The Next Generation of Collaboration

Sure, there is a competition for user acceptance, but it’s not all cut-throat in the next gen commerce arena. Consortia are bringing corporations together in the name of forming exactly the kind of standards that will soon allow us all to pay however we find most convenient and secure.

What follows are some prominent news items that feature collaboration and commerce:

Natural Security Alliance Announces First Member Meeting

Visa Joins FIDO Alliance Board of Directors

OTPay Brings Physical mCommerce to Hungary

FIDO Alliance Marks First Anniversary, Publishes Review Draft Specifications


Stick with Mobile ID World all summer as we, along with our sister site findBIOMETRICS, get ready to take the next big step in these discussions. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and get the conversation started in preparation for September by using the hashtag #Road2BUP.