Tobii Pro Incorporates GSR Into Eye-Tracking Lab Platform

Tobii Pro has expanded the capabilities of its Tobii Pro Lab eye-tracking system through a new partnership with Shimmer.

Tobii Pro Incorporates GSR Into Eye-Tracking Lab PlatformFirst announced last November, Tobii Pro Lab is a software system for eye-tracking, and is designed for research purposes. At the time of its introduction, Tobii Pro highlighted the system’s ability to also incorporate other biometric signals such as those provided through EEG, ECG, and GSR.

Shimmer’s technology offers the latter. The company’s Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit is a wristband containing electrodes that can measure skin conductance, which can provide signs of arousal or stress in a subject. Combined with Tobii’s eye-tracking technology, the solution can offer a clearer picture of how subjects are responding to stimuli; as Shimmer Americas President Geoff Gill explains in a statement announcing the partnership, “Eye tracking provides a clear indication of what a person is responding to and GSR indicates the amount of response.”

Tobii Pro says this is the first in a coming line of sensors that will be incorporated into Tobii Pro Lab, and is aiming the solution primarily at the psychology and marketing research fields.