Tobii Tech Platforms Support Windows Hello

Tobii Tech Platforms Support Windows HelloEye-tracking technology developer Tobii Tech has announced that its platforms now support Windows Hello facial recognition. At the moment, that makes Tobii the only company with eye-tracking platforms that support the biometric security system.

In a statement announcing the support, the company asserted that its technology improves Windows Hello’s capability to perform facial recognition in a range of lighting conditions, and noted that Windows Hello is now available for peripheral eye tracking products based on the company’s Tobii IS3 platform. Commenting on the support, Tobii president Oscar Werner asserted that “Microsoft’s interest to make Windows Hello work with Tobii eye-tracking devices is a testament to the value, both now and in the future, of our joint ability to enhance the Windows experience for consumers.”

It could prove to be a significant development for Tobii. Windows Hello is a powerful new security apparatus built into the new Windows 10 OS, and will likely find its way onto a wide range of devices. In so doing, it should help to get more users interested in replacing their passwords with biometric authentication; now that Tobii products support Windows Hello, they too could see rising interest from users and companies curious to explore eye-tracking technology.

Tobii says Windows Hello support will come standard on all of the company’s future platforms, as well as its newly-launched Tobii IS4 platform.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)