Invisible Authentication Factors For Use in mCommerce

Invisible Authentication Factors For Use in mCommerce

Spending money should be two things: easy and secure. The more friction that exists between a customer and the end of her transaction, the more reasons she has to look for another solution to her problem, or to reconsider purchasing all together. At the same time, as easy as payment or financial transfer should be,…

Mobile Identity is the Talk of Tampa – Mobile ID World Roundup: September 16-20

Following in the turbulent aftermath of Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement – which brought with it the Touch ID and a hurricane of discussion – the authentication, verification and authorization markets turned their collective gaze on Tampa, Florida, this week as the Biometric Consortium Conference 2013 (BCC) – and the widely talked about Biometrics UnPlugged: Mobility…

SEEK Avenger To Be Demonstrated By Cross Match Technologies at the BCC

Tomorrow marks the start of the Biometrics Consortium Conference 2013 (BCC), and that means that industry professionals from around the world are congregating Tampa in order to show off their offerings in the field of biometrics, which now that Apple has entered the fingerprint scanning arena,is quickly becoming synonymous with mobile identity. It’s not all…

Addtional MorphoIDent Units Deployed by Mesa, Arizona Police Department

Following last year’s pilot deployment of six MorphoIDent mobile biometric identification units in patrol vehicles, the Mesa, Arizona Police Department has purchased an additional 30 fingerprint capture devices from Morpho (Safran)’s U.S. subsidiary MorphoTrak. “They now have enough MorphoIDent devices to cover all three of their daily patrol shifts in all four of their geographical…

MorphoTrak Launches Morpho Mobile Gateway Software, Allows Connection To Any AFIS

As of today, thanks to the new Morpho Mobile Gateway from MorphoTrak, Morpho mobile biometric devices can interface with not just the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern (RISC) but with any Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), giving law enforcement officers attempting to identify suspects instant access to a greatly improved resource of criminal…

Cognitec Releases Facial Recognition SDK For Android

The demand for face recognition technology is growing, and Cognitec has responded by offering customers FaceVACS, its world class biometric software development kit (SDK), for the creation of Android applications. In addition to development tools for enrollment, verification and identification, the FaceVACS-SDK also provides face and eye recognition in images, functionality for facial characteristic analysis…

Cross Match Introduces New SEEK Avenger Handheld

Cross Match Introduces New SEEK Avenger Handheld

London, England – May 21, 2013 Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of biometric identity management solutions, announced the launch of the new SEEK Avenger mobile handheld today at the Security Document World exhibition.  Designed to provide immigration, customs, border control, and law enforcement and security personnel a truly rugged, portable identity management…

Interview with John Hinmon, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Cross Match Technologies, Inc.


fB: What is the hottest growth area for Cross Match right now?

CM: Well clearly I think as I look back on your ten year anniversary/year in review issue, mobile really is a hot area for us. We are going to be launching the new SEEK Avenger this year, which is the next handheld in the SEEK family of multimodal biometric handhelds. We view the mobile market place and space as a strategic opportunity for the business.

fB: I couldn’t  agree more. It’s pretty exciting to see all of this activity start to really grow across a number of different verticals from health care to law enforcement, payments, financial. Mobile will really impact so many different areas.

CM: Very true and with the SEEK Avenger we really are looking at a number of market segments for that product beyond just the traditional defence or military application of the product.   We see a logical cross over into remote border applications where it can help expand the effectiveness of the agents in the field; those in remote or transmission/communication compromised situations; as well as law enforcement or special operations law enforcement –  I am thinking about crisis response teams or disaster recovery efforts

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