Fingerprint Biometrics On DoCoMo’s Fujitsu Smartphone Courtesy of Fingerprint Cards AB

Adding to the buzz around fingerprint sensors being used as the next generation of personal mobile security (a buzz that has been serving it very well), Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) can boast that it was present at ground zero: distributing today a press release to the effect that the newly released Fujitsu F-07E Android smartphone…

Addtional MorphoIDent Units Deployed by Mesa, Arizona Police Department

Following last year’s pilot deployment of six MorphoIDent mobile biometric identification units in patrol vehicles, the Mesa, Arizona Police Department has purchased an additional 30 fingerprint capture devices from Morpho (Safran)’s U.S. subsidiary MorphoTrak. “They now have enough MorphoIDent devices to cover all three of their daily patrol shifts in all four of their geographical…

Mobile Facial Recognition From JailBase

Mugshot database website JailBase has introduced a new mobile app to allow for the matching of user supplied photos to arrest records. Currently available for Android devices, with plans for a Q4 2013 release on iOS platforms, the JailBase app allows for public users to search through millions of arrest records from many counties in the United…

Interview with John Hinmon, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Cross Match Technologies, Inc.


fB: What is the hottest growth area for Cross Match right now?

CM: Well clearly I think as I look back on your ten year anniversary/year in review issue, mobile really is a hot area for us. We are going to be launching the new SEEK Avenger this year, which is the next handheld in the SEEK family of multimodal biometric handhelds. We view the mobile market place and space as a strategic opportunity for the business.

fB: I couldn’t  agree more. It’s pretty exciting to see all of this activity start to really grow across a number of different verticals from health care to law enforcement, payments, financial. Mobile will really impact so many different areas.

CM: Very true and with the SEEK Avenger we really are looking at a number of market segments for that product beyond just the traditional defence or military application of the product.   We see a logical cross over into remote border applications where it can help expand the effectiveness of the agents in the field; those in remote or transmission/communication compromised situations; as well as law enforcement or special operations law enforcement –  I am thinking about crisis response teams or disaster recovery efforts

Interview with Jaimin Shah, CEO, ZKTeco, US Headquarter


Our focus is having a totally integrated solution within our Time & Attendance, Access Control and IP cameras with face detection and identification. To give you an example, at ISC you will see our fully integrated access control solution where you match your fingerprint on the panel. We will also present our IP based video surveillance solution that is capable of detecting and identifying face which can be integrated with our access control offering. We also have an SDK available so that our partners can integrate our products with any third party solution. We will also display our newly designed modular 7” touch screen workforce terminal at ISC.
So those are the 4 different areas that we are focused in providing a complete integrated solution. This will do lot of justice to our partners’ channels who have helped us all along during our growth and will help them to make more money and provide more services for their customers…