Totally Extreme Virtual Surfing Demonstrates Power of Video Biometrics Technology


iCAMsurf uses Extreme Reality’s full body motion biometrics to let gamers surf virtual waves.

A new surfing game is going to let users control their characters’ movements entirely through biometric video monitoring. Titled iCAMsurf, the game will use technology provided by Israel-based Extreme Reality, which uses 2-dimensional video monitoring to enable full-body motion control.

Founded in 2005, Extreme Reality claims to be the only video biometrics technology provider able to offer full-body motion analysis software that is compatible on any operating system, and using any kind of digital video camera. They offer their tech as a software development kit, and encourage third-party developers to come up with applications that could make good use of such “Natural User Interfaces”.

That is, of course, where this surfing game came from. Extreme Reality struck a deal with Surf Simulator Events (the parent company of iCAMsurf), which had previously been considering the XBox’s Kinect motion-sensing technology for the product. Now, with Extreme Reality’s technology, the game’s release won’t be restricted to the X-Box, and indeed arrangements have been made to launch the game first in a surfing gear store in Hawaii – with custom in-game branding modifications – and then to set up a gaming station for guests in a hotel.

It’s a good opportunity for Extreme Reality to demonstrate the power of its technology, which could also find non-recreational applications such as in the field of robotics, in the operation of sensitive medical devices, and so on. Interested developers are invited to learn more through the company’s website.