Touch ID ATM Access Coming To More Americans

More Americans will soon get biometric ATM access thanks to a new partnership between FIS and Payment Alliance International.

Touch ID ATM Access Coming To More AmericansThe latter is America’s largest private provider of ATM processing and equipment services, with tens of thousands of ATMs across the country. With its new agreement with FIS, PAI will bring the FIS Cardless Cash solution to 70,000 terminals in its network.

Introduced last spring, FIS Cardless Cash essentially turns users’ iPhones into remote controls for compatible ATMs, regulating account access with the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system. That means for many consumers in the US, access to cash via PAI ATMs is just a fingerprint scan away.

For many of those users, it will probably appear to be a natural extension of Touch ID, given the system’s increasing use for authentication in mobile banking apps. It may also be a sign of things to come with respect to ATMs, with major ATM maker Diebold also shopping around its mobile-based ATM concept, which also uses biometric authentication, albeit in the form of iris recognition.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)