Touch ID Integrated Into Digital Insight Banking Apps

TouchID Security Coming to More Financial Services AppsDigital Insight, a digital solutions provider for the financial services sector, has taken another step into the world of biometric security. The company has announced that it’s going to start integrating Touch ID security into its clients’ mobile banking apps.

Touch ID is, of course, the fingerprint-scanning system now embedded on all new mobile Apple devices. The system seems to have been developed largely in anticipation of the launch of Apple Pay, Apple’s mPayment platform, but it has also found wide use as a security measure for other companies’ apps and products.

In this case, Digital Insight’s aim is to improve both security and the user experience by making the login process faster and easier. In a statement, Digital Insight senior product manager Dan Weis explained that the system “frees consumers from having to enter their username and password in order to access their finances,” adding that the technology’s “speed and ease-of-use” will give Digital Insights’ clients “another innovation to offer their customers and members and further help them differentiate in the marketplace.”

The company appears to be riding the growing trend of integrating biometric security in the financial services sector, especially with respect to mobile applications; just a couple of months ago, it teamed up with EyeVerify to bring that company’s eye vein scanning technology to its clients. Touch ID is a significant step further in that it leverages technology already widespread in the marketplace.

(Source: FindBiometrics)