Touch ID Improving PINACLE Banking App

Touch ID Improving PINACLE Banking AppYet another American bank has introduced Touch ID login for its mobile app. PNC Bank, National Association, is promoting the move as an improvement to both the user experience and security of its PINACLE mobile app.

Touch ID is, of course, the fingerprint scanning system built into all new mobile devices from Apple. Its implementation spearheaded a broader trend that has seen various non-Apple mobile devices incorporate fingerprint scanners, particularly in the middle and upper ranges of the smartphone market; and with the technology increasingly preponderant, more financial services institutions are adopting it for user authentication. Last week, for example, Bank of America introduced Touch ID login for its apps.

In introducing Touch ID login, banks usually emphasize the convenience and the security of the system (despite previous generation Touch ID’s susceptibility to spoofing). PNC Bank is no exception. “Business leaders on the go expect security and convenience when banking from their mobile device,” explained SVP Howard Forman in a press release. “Touch ID authentication for PINACLE mobile banking combines both.”