Toyota Car Sets Speed Record for Downloads in Automotive 5G Trial

A moving vehicle was able to stream 4K video in a recent trial of 5G technology conducted by Japan-based telecom NTT DOCOMO, Toyota, Ericsson, and Intel.

Toyota Car Sets Speed Record for Downloads in Automotive 5G TrialThe trail was conducted in a special 5G trial environment built by DOCOMO at Tokyo’s Odaiba waterfront. A Toyota car was outfitted with a compact antenna and an Intel GOTM 5G Automotive Platform terminal, and multiple Ericsson base stations transmitted the data as the car as it drove. Moving at a speed of 30 km/h, the car was able to reach downlink speeds of 1 Gbps, and uplink speeds of 600 Mbps.

News of the test comes soon after DOCOMO’s announcement of another 5G trial conducted with MediaTek that successfully demonstrated how the signal transmission of a single frequency can be split to send different data to multiple devices. DOCOMO announced its partnership with Ericsson and Intel late last year, with the companies promising collaboration on 5G technologies starting in 2017.

DOCOMO says it plans to conduct further trials with Ericsson, Intel, and Toyota assessing how 5G technology can be applied in the automotive sector, and that it has entered into an R&D partnership with Toyota to develop an ICT platform for 5G cars. The technology tested in this latest trial, meanwhile, will be demonstrated at the DOCOMO R&D Open House 2017 event, which will take place in Tokyo’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo from November 9th to 11th.