Tractica Predicts Significant Growth for Smart Clothing, Body Sensors

Smart clothing and body sensor shipments are going to increase dramatically over the next several years, according to Tractica. In a new report, the market research firm predicts that global smart clothing shipments will rise from 968,000 units last year to 24.8 million in 2021, and that body sensor shipments will rise from 2.7 million to 68 million for the same forecast period.

Tractica Predicts Significant Growth for Smart Clothing, Body SensorsHealthcare is the major sector driving the increases, with the body sensors market seeing more growth due to its wider range of applications; and Tractica forecasts that wearable patches will be the key modality in healthcare. Still, consumer demand for smart clothing will be a significant driver, as will enterprise demand.

Tractica also highlights the sports and industrial sectors, and indeed, with respect to the former, we are already seeing growing enthusiasm for biometric wearables in professional athletics; while major companies like Fujitsu are exploring industrial biometric wearables, anticipating their value in the emerging industrial Internet of Things.

All of this growth dovetails with that seen in the overall wearables and biometrics markets, of course, which continue to expand globally.