TRAIS Unveils Transparent Fingerprint Sensor

TRAIS Unveils Transparent Fingerprint SensorSan Jose-based module technology developer TRAIS America has announced a new, transparent touch fingerprint sensor for mobile devices. Dubbed the TRAIS T-Sec, the new offering represents a combination of TRAIS’ Transparent Fingerprint Sensor and Touch Module technologies.

In a press release, the company positions its new product as a means for OEMs to reduce costs and production times, since non-transparent fingerprint sensors can be more difficult to integrate into devices using transparent touchscreens. TRAIS asserts that its TRAIS T-Sec offers “high recognition and visibility with 500ppi resolution,” and suggested that it could have applications in tablets, smartphones, monitors, and other touchscreens.

It’s a timely offering as excitement starts to build over the possibilities of embedding fingerprint sensors into the displays of mobile devices. At this year’s Global Identity Summit, Jenetric GmbH unveiled its own transparent fingerprint sensor system, calling it “a new class of fingerprint identification products,” while Apple has been working towards a touchscreen featuring a built-in fingerprint scanner. TRAIS’ new product sounds like a step in that direction and could offer strong competition against Jenetric’s offering, though of course both companies as well as others are likely to keep refining their solutions as the market’s appetite grows.