TravelMate X3 Notebooks Feature Fingerprint Authentication

Acer has announced a new notebook series for Windows 10. Taking advantage of the operating system’s sophisticated technology, the new TravelMate X3 notebooks sport advanced features like AI assistant Cortana and biometric authentication.

TravelMate X3 Notebooks Sport Biometric AuthenticationThe latter comes in the form of an embedded fingerprint scanner, allowing users to log in to their devices without any need to remember a complicated password. It’s the latest sign that Microsoft’s hardware partners are ready to embrace the biometric security capabilities built into Windows 10 via its Windows Hello security apparatus. While companies like BIO-key have sought to offer peripheral devices that could leverage these biometric capabilities, larger hardware options have been slower in arriving.

They are coming, though, with new devices like HP’s Pavilion All-in-Ones and now Acer’s TravelMate X3 devices offering embedded biometric authentication functionality. For Acer’s part, it also implemented a fingerprint sensor on its recent Switch V 10 notebook, with its new TravelMate X3 line suggesting a growing commitment to biometric security. That points to a more secure future for everyday consumers, even those relying on budget-priced consumer electronics for their computer needs.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)