TrulyHandsfree Integrated into Intel SoC Offerings

Sensory Inc. has found a major new distribution channel for its TrulyHandsFree voice command technology: It’s now embedded in a number of system-on-chip (SoC) offerings from IT giant Intel.

TrulyHandsfree Integrated into Intel SoC OfferingsTrulyHandsfree has been integrated as an embedded port in the low-power digital signal processors (DSPs) of Intel’s Anniedale, Broadwell, Broxton, Merrifield, and Skylake SoCs, which are targeted at OEMs in the PC and mobile markets. This means that Sensory’s voice activation technology could soon turn up in a range of consumer electronics.

Commenting in a statement, Sensory CEO Todd Mozer explained that by partnering with Intel, “we have made it simple for PC, tablet and smartphone manufacturers to enable voice wakeup to search or other functions from a low power always listening state.” Moreover, products taking advantage of TrulyHandsfree speech recognition SDKs can  take things a step further by enabling more robust voice-based interaction.

Given Intel’s prominence in the broad consumer electronics market, the integration could prove highly advantageous. Moreover, analysts are predicting continued growth for the smartphone voice recognition market, and many expect voice command to play an important role in the emerging Internet of Things, an area in which Sensory is further helped along via a partnership with Samsung enabling TrulyHandsfree support for its ARTIK IoT platform.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)