TrustKey Launches New FIDO2 Security Key

TrustKey is advancing the cause of passwordless authentication with the release of a new physical security key. The T110 is compliant with the latest U2F and FIDO2 standards, and is TrustKey’s first major product launch since eWBM announced the spinoff earlier this month.

TrustKey Launches New FIDO2 Security Key

The new key can be used right out of the box, and leverages the same FIDO2 L2 certified infrastructure as TrustKey’s preexisting G-Series line of keys. However, the T110 does not boast biometric capabilities, which distinguishes it from the G320 that debuted in February.

The T110 can be used to log into a Windows device tied to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), even if that device is in airplane mode. It is also compatible with all WebAuthn web browsers, and with high profile web platforms like Google, Dropbox, and GitHub.

“Microsoft has been on a mission to eliminate passwords and help people protect their corporate identities,” said Microsoft Identity Division Partner Director Sue Bohn. “We are pleased to see companies like TrustKey support that goal by providing a reliable and an affordable solution like T110.”

The T110 supports as many as 200 user accounts, and is suitable for consumer and enterprise applications. eWBM itself joined the FIDO Board of Directors in February of 2019, and then became a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association in October.