Trustonic Brings New Hybrid Solution to IoT

Trustonic Brings New Hybrid Solution to IoTHardware IT security specialist Trustonic has announced a new security solution for developers working in both mobile and the Internet of Things. Called Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP), the platform combines Trustonic’s secure hardware with software security developed by whiteCryption.

Basically, THP is designed to take advantage of hardware enabling Trustonic TEE Hardware Protection whenever it’s available on a device, helping to enhance security systems involving fingerprint matching or PINs; and when that hardware is not in place, the whiteCryption security software allows developers to establish a certain baseline of security through the company’s flagship API. Thus the solution could prove appealing to developers working on a range of products as increasing numbers of devices are incorporated into the Internet of Things and begin to need data security.

Summing it up in a statement, Trustonic CEO Ben Cade asserted that THP “makes it simpler for apps developers to improve app security whilst being able to scale across a wide range of mobile and IoT devices.”

Trustonic has established a strong presence in the mobile TEE space via partnerships with companies like Meizu, Good Technology, and Samsung. Now, with its hybrid solution, the company may be able to leverage that position to get a strong foothold in the IoT as it begins to mature.