Sony Announces Two-Factor Authentication for Playstation Network

Exactly five years after a major hack attack against the Playstation Network, Sony has announced that its gaming network is going to get two-factor authentication.

Sony Announces Two-Factor Authentication for Playstation NetworkThe announcement came after users noticed a two-step verification notification when they incorrectly logged in. Sony hasn’t yet announced exactly when the two-factor authentication will arrive, or what form it will take.

Still, for the security-conscious, it’s very welcome news. As Polygon points out, Microsoft brought two-factor authentication to its Xbox Live gaming network three years ago; and meanwhile major IT companies such as Google and Github are embracing the two-factor concept, often specifically with respect to the Fido Alliance’s U2F guidelines.

For gamers, the move should bring about considerably enhanced security, and if Sony takes advantage of technologies such as biometrics, this could be done without substantially adding friction to the user authentication process.

Source: Polygon