Two New Biometric Patents Bring Vital Recognition To Advertising

Today, biometric data sensor technology company Valencell announced that it has been granted two new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Both patents have applications in wearable technology, particularly in the measurement of human vital characteristics and open up some interesting doors when it comes to just how far activewear can stretch.

U.S. patent number 8,702,607 describes “Targeted advertising systems and methods.” In the same way that location and biographic data are starting to be used in conjunction with geofencing technology to transmit highly targeted marketing messages to nearby customers, this patent brings vital biometrics into the equation. The patent relates to systems and methods of monitoring physiological and environmental factors through wearable tech and presenting advertisements based on health assessments.

The second patent announced by Valencell is numbered 8,700,111, for “Light-guiding devices and monitoring devices incorporating same.” The technology described will enable optical monitoring devices embedded in earbuds to monitor biometric information during intense exercise.

Combining these two patents, it is easy to see how wearable technology can reach beyond the more obvious applications of personal fitness tracking. A user would insert their biometrically monitoring earbuds to begin a music powered workout and have advertising on her phone catered to her biometric readings

Vital biometrics are becoming a very hot area for innovation now that recent reports are saying that the market is on the verge of going mainstream with Apple and Samsung specifically focusing their attention on smartwatches. Once thought of as niche devices, wearbales are having a major impact. Last week, Mobile ID World took a look at how the new wave of mobile technology is redefining human identity.