Two New mCommerce Solutions Demonstrate Natural Security Alliance Standards

The Natural Security Alliance has announced the launch of two new devices that that implement the consortium’s security standard. Particularly, the devices enable mCommerce transactions via strong authentication, allowing users to make payments with post-password levels of security, convenience and privacy.

The devices are provided by UINT and Trust Designer. As with all Natural Security Alliance compliant solutions, they combine biometrics with a personal connected device. The devices, WIBiMi and TeDeGo respectively, are currently undergoing evaluation for certification.

TeDeGo by Trust Designer was presented at the Alliance’s second member meeting which was held on November 25 this year. It represents Trust Designer’s vision of the future: a personal device that combines Natural Security Alliance specifications with Bluetooth Low Energy to provide users with proximity payments.


Further illustrating the Natural Security Alliance’s focus on flexiblity, TeDeGo is available in a variety of colors.

The WiBiMi by UINT on the other hand can be inserted into a keyfob or smartphone with a mircoSD slot to enable payment via personal device. There are videos on the UINT website describing how this works.


UINT’s WiBiMi can turn a keyfob (left) or smartphone (right) into a biometric payment method.

Both solutions, as per the Natural Security Alliance standards, rely on secure element technology, ensuring that user privacy is protected while allowing payment across different payment systems. Convenience, privacy and security, the three most crucial factors in an mCommerce solution are key to these new solutions.

Natural Security Alliance’s open specifications satisfy a number of needs in the increasingly diverse next generation payments landscape. As mCommerce catches on like never before, providing users with secure, easy and private payment solutions, it’s crucial that retailers and other relying parties can allow customers to pay in the method they’ve chosen. Indeed, much of the projected success of Apple Pay hinges on its compatibility with existing payment infrastructure thanks to its NFC capabilities.

The Natural Security Alliance was started just over a year ago in November of 2013. Hailing itself as the world’s first open alliance dedicated to secure transactions based on wireless and biometrics, the consortium launched with six primary goals summarized as: educating related communities about the standard and its benefits, expand its membership, licence  and encourage the development of products that adhere to the standard, and build an interoperability strategy.

Biometric mobile payments are taking off like never before. 2014 was a year dominated by major mCommerce news and a new market brief from Acuity Market Intelligence predicts that the floodgates have only now just been opened in terms of mobile biometric adoption.