Two New Xiaomi Devices Use FPC Sensors

Fingerprint Cards‘ biometric technology is being used in two new Xiaomi smartphones.

Two New Xiaomi Devices Use FPC SensorsThe Mi Mix 2 features an FPC1235 sensor model, the same one used in the original Mi Mix device and a white model launched near the start of this year. The Mi Note 3, meanwhile, features an FPC1268 sensor, a change from the Mi Note 2, which used an FPC1268 sensor.

More recently, Xiaomi also used an FPC fingerprint sensor – the FPC1035 – in its new Xiaomi 5X device, further demonstrating the Beijing-based OEM’s enthusiastic support for FPC.

News of the integrations arrives after a flurry of announcements concerning integrations with other smartphone makers, a positive sign that FPC’s smartphone business is back on track after a difficult first half of the year.