UK Town Enables Apple Pay Parking

UK Town Enables Apple Pay ParkingThe UK’s Colchester has become the first town in the country to allow Apple Pay mPayment for parking.

The mPayment support, along with compatibility with contactless payment cards, was integrated by Cale, an unattended payment and parking technology specialist that has been working with the town. In a statement posted on that company’s website, Colchester Borough Council’s Trevor Degville explained that the move was intended to accommodate the increasing popularity of contactless payment systems like Apple Pay, calling them “quick and easy to use.”

It’s an example of the potential versatility of the system, which has so far been embraced mostly by retailers looking to take advantage of in-store mPayments at the POS. But there have been other unusual cases; early this year, the US government, for example, announced that it would offer Apple Pay support for transactions with citizens such as payments at national parks.

Back in the UK, Apple Pay has also been enabled for payments on Transit for London, providing yet more iPhone users the opportunity to take advantage of Apple Pay’s convenience. With the system now supporting parking payments in Colchester, we can expect to see more such innovative extensions of the service in the near future.