UMI Smartphone Features Fingerprint, Eye-Based Biometrics

UMI Smartphone Features Fingerprint, Eye-Based BiometricsChina-based smartphone maker UMI has launched a new device with multimodal biometric capabilities. Called the UMI Iron Pro, the smartphone features both a fingerprint sensor and eye vein recognition via its 8MP front-facing camera.

The device sports a magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis, a 5.5″ display featuring 1080p resolution, and a MediaTek MT6753 processor. It’s a mid-range device at about $180 USD, furthering a trend that has seen embedded fingerprint sensors start to extend their ubiquity from the upper range of the smartphone spectrum down to the middle.

But it’s perhaps more notable for its eye vein recognition technology, which comes by way of EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID. Its developer says that the system is at least as reliable as Apple’s Touch ID, and it offers what to many users will be a novel biometric modality for authentication. While other smartphone makers have started to introduce eye-based biometrics such as iris scanners into their devices, Eyeprint ID’s is clearly a cost-effective offering, given the UMI Iron Pro’s bottom-line price. The integration could help add to Eyeprint ID’s momentum after its strong showing at this week’s Money20/20 conference.

Source: GSM Arena