Unlock Your Phone Harry Potter-Style

Smartphone securityIsrael-based biometric security developer OS New Horizon Ltd. has announced a new security app for mobile phones. The OSIGUARD app, available from the Google Play Store, adds a biometric layer of security via motion capture.

The app works by tracking the user’s personal in-air phone movement – a signature that the user creates essentially by waving the phone around in the air – and using that signature for authentication. The app also features an “Alert Mode” that can be toggled from the main screen to set an alarm to go off if the phone is stolen; and it also requires a PIN, to boot.

It’s a unique method of biometric authentication that could find a niche among those consumers most concerned about their phones’ security, though it will be interesting to see how it fairs against other biometric security protocols coming into place such as Apple’s fingerprint-scanning TouchID system and Android’s “face unlock” feature. It seems fair to say that not every consumer will want to wave their phone around elaborately every time they want to use it (especially in public) – much less go through the repeat training sessions suggested to attain the highest level of authentication accuracy – but there is certainly consensus that greater mobile security is needed as more and more consumer activity moves online.