US Bank Adopts Touch ID Login for Mobile App

An upgraded US Bank Mobile app now offers an improved check deposit capability and, perhaps more importantly, Touch ID login. Customers can now use compatible iPhones to access their accounts via fingerprint scan.

US Bank Adopts Touch ID Login for Mobile AppIn a statement announcing the bank’s Touch ID support, US Bank EVP Gareth Gaston explained that the bank’s management team had “been looking at ways to use biometrics such as voice and fingerprint to authenticate identification for several years,” and that now that the time is right to embrace it since the technology is widespread across various mobile devices, while “customers are not only comfortable with fingerprint login, they expect it.” Indeed, a similar rationale drove Fifth Third Bank to recently embrace Touch ID security, a move it framed as a response to customer demand; it appears that offering support for biometric login could soon be a matter of playing catch-up in the financial services sector, rather than helping to lead a technological trend.

US Bank’s Touch ID support is all the more timely given that the organization rounded out its payment card support for Apple Pay this past January.