US University to Issue Mobile IDs to Students

An American university is rolling out HID Global‘s Seos smart cards and the HID Mobile Access solution.

US University to Let Students Use Phones as ID CardsIn a statement announcing the deployment, HID Global declined to name the school in question, referring to it as “a major U.S. university”. The company says that the university’s move follows a successful pilot program, with the school now in the process of upgrading its HID readers to support Bluetooth, and installing additional mobile-enabled readers. Its goal is to support HID Mobile Access across campus by this summer, and to issue all students and staff both ID cards and Mobile IDs next year.

HID Mobile Access is an ID solution that allows credentials to be issued and revoked on smartphones, with users able to access entrances using their mobile devices. HID Global says that in the case of this university, the solution will both bring administrative efficiencies and ‘offer the “cool” factor to students using phones for accessing buildings, services and resources.’

News of the deployment comes on the heels of the of the Mohammed Bin Rashin Housing Establishment deployment in Dubai, and not long after another deployment at Star India in Mumbai, suggesting growing momentum for HID Global’s mobile access solution.