A Million Users Use USAA’s Biometric Login

face and voiceA million users have signed up for USAA’s biometric login system for its mobile app. The financial services provider integrated Daon’s biometric IdentityX Platform into the app at the start of this year.

The Identity X system allows USAA customers to log in to their mobile apps via facial recognition, voice recognition, or fingerprint scanning, replacing traditional password-based security. At the time of its launch, the login system was a pioneering effort on the part of USAA; Apple had only just introduced its revolutionary Touch ID system the preceding autumn, and virtually no companies were paying attention to multi-modal approaches. But USAA says it prides itself on being tech-forward, and its users are evidently excited about the biometric login system. In a statement announcing the one-million-user mark, USAA executive Rick Swenson called it “a strong testament of our members’ preference to use a biometric when authenticating.”

USAA and Daon considered the deployment a success more or less from the beginning. Earlier this year, Daon was celebrating the fact that only a few weeks after its launch, 100,000 users had already signed up for biometric login; and further customer research on USAA’s part has indicated that users are happy with the system, among other interesting insights about users’ preferred modalities. Now, with a million users registered, it seems the deployment can definitively be called a great success.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)