Further Data Backs mPayment Promotion: USAT

With the right advertising, Apple Pay can boost sales in self-serve retail settings, according to new data from self-serve POS solutions provider USAT.

Further Data Backs mPayment Promotion: USATThe finding is based on a study in which 35 vending machines in New York and Louisiana were equipped with USAT POS technology capable of processing Apple Pay transactions, and digital displays prompting users to pay using Apple Pay. The study data builds on findings announced by USAT earlier this year, after it had completed a preliminary one-month study. It’s now working with about six months of data.

What it found is that this system produced a 44.6 percent increase in transactions equating to a 36.5 percent rise in overall sales, including a 135.2 percent increase in “overall mobile payment usage”, according to a statement from the company. Traditional payment cards were still an option, so the finding suggests strong potential mPayment solutions like Apple Pay.

That’s good news for any vendors seeking to enable mPayments, and for the many consumers who always have their iPhones on them, but don’t always have the exact change at the laundromat.