Curious Users Approve of EyeVerify Mobile App

Curious Users Approve of EyeVerify Mobile AppEye vein biometrics specialist EyeVerify says it is getting positive feedback on its mobile app.

The app, available through the iOS app store and Google Play, was meant to offer a demo of the mobile capabilities of EyeVerify’s Eyeprint ID technology for potential partners, but the company has found that a number of users have downloaded it just out of curiosity. EyeVerify has now proceeded to survey those users about what they think of the app, and has found some interesting results.

EyeVerify says these users have rated the app four out of five stars on average for its enrolment and verification capabilities, and says that 74 percent of respondents said they would use the technology for mobile banking authentication, while 85 percent would use it for phone unlocking. The company also says that 92 percent of respondents say they are using or considering using mobile banking, underlining growth trends in mobile banking noted by market researchers.

Eyeprint ID has also been validated by independent studies, in which it has scored well for its accuracy in identification. EyeVerify has lately been calling for stronger standards in mPayment biometric security, and these survey results likely come as encouraging signals as the company continues to explore this area.