Usher Platform Aims to Make Apple Watch a Password Replacement

Apple Watch UberThe Apple Watch hits the market today, and there’s already an enterprise mobile management-style platform to go along with it. The new system comes by way of MicroStrategy, which today announced its new product, MicroStrategy Usher.

The system uses the Apple Watch’s unique features – such as Force Touch, Notifications, and Glances – to integrate it into a variety of corporate security applications. For example, the app can detect a business entryway as a user approaches it, and send that user a notification prompting them to perform an authentication action to gain entry. In this way it could effectively replace old access control and security systems; in a statement, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said that “Apple Watch is the ideal platform to replace the password, plastic card, and metal key,” adding that “Usher for Apple Watch brings a new level of convenience, capability, safety, and security to the marketplace.”

MicroStrategy Usher debuted on the market only a few weeks ago, and while it’s an open platform with many potential applications, the Apple Watch could prove the best venue for it as it makes its way into the enterprise market, given the devices convenience and constant connectivity. And as more and more organization begin to store sensitive data in the cloud while at the same time embracing BYOD policies – which bring their own risks to the table – the unique security features that Usher can leverage on the Apple Watch could make the combination especially appealing to businesses looking for innovative ways to protect their data while empowering employees.