Valencell Showcases Wearable Biometrics at Healthcare Expo

Valencell is exhibiting its technology at the Digital Health Technology Expo today. The event is organized by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Technology Association, and also features big-name companies like Samsung, Philips, and Qualcomm.Valencell Showcases Wearable Biometrics at Healthcare Expo

Valencell has been invited to show off the wearable applications of its biometric technology, particularly with respect to monitoring “heart rate variability (HRV), atrial fibrillation, arrhythmia, stress analysis, and various cardiovascular conditions,” according to a statement from the company.

While much of the company’s business has revolved around licensing its biometric technology to companies like Samsung for integration into wearable consumer devices, the Digital Health Technology Expo offers an opportunity to capture the interest of government, academic, and health care industry representatives attending the event. As Valencell President Steven LeBoeuf explained, with the company’s goal being “to make biometric monitoring easy, affordable, and seamless with everyday living, so that more accurate data can be taken frequently enough to drive personalized health insights and guidance,” its team members “look forward to working with government and industry groups” in the healthcare market.

In particular, the company is showcasing its PerformTek technology, which can monitor cardiovascular signals from the user’s ears, allowing for biometrics via earbuds and other such devices.