CES 2016: Valencell Shows Off Optical Blood Pressure Tech

CES 2016: Valencell Shows Off New Blood Pressure TechValencell is showing off a groundbreaking new means of assessing blood pressure at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The company is demonstrating a solution that uses optical biometric sensors to measure and estimate blood pressure without any need for the traditional blood pressure cuff. It’s a system that the company is still developing, but it’s already advanced enough that Valencell is aiming to ultimately have it so accurate that it can determine whether the subject suffers from hypertension as per AMA clinical guidelines.

It will also serve as a demonstration of the sophistication of Valencell’s technology. Its PerformTek line of biometric sensor technology has seen a major ramp-up in licensing agreements over the past year and is now featured in a number of high-profile integrations including Sony’s Smart B-Trainer, LG’s Heart Rate Monitor earphones, and the ATLAS Wristband. This kind of technology is expected to have a bigger presence than ever at this year’s CES, and Valencell will be showing it off at the Fitness & Technology Marketplace. Moreover, Valencell president Dr. Steven LeBoeuf presented today on the topic of biometrics, wearables, and health at CES’s FitnessTech Summit.

While casual CES attendees will likely be drawn to the company by its advanced biometric wearables, developers will also have the opportunity to engage Valencell on its recently launched BioPack wearables development kit. All told, CES should be a busy event for the company.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)