Valencell Gets Approval for Five New Patents

Valencell has received approval for five new patents related to its biometric wearables technology. Four of them are US patents, while a fifth applies in Europe.

Valencell Gets Approval for Five New PatentsThe patent titles include “Physiological monitoring methods and apparatus”, “Light-guiding devices and monitoring devices incorporating same”, “Methods for generating data output containing physiological and motion-related information”, “Telemetric Apparatus for Health and Environmental Monitoring”, and, tellingly, “Earbud covers”. Their approval brings Valencell’s total patent portfolio to 35, and the company says it has 70 more pending.

Commenting in a statement, Valencell President Dr. Steven LeBoeuf said the newest patents “further expand our ability to provide our partners with the most accurate and flexible biometric sensor technology in the world, enabling them to deliver wearables of all shapes and sizes with the accuracy needed to deliver a compelling consumer experience.”

The company’s technology has helped it to establish a growing roster of licensees, and among this latest crop of patents, the health monitoring and earbud properties may highlight particularly strong areas of business, given that in a recent interview with Mobile ID World LeBoeuf highlighted the blossoming market for biometric earpieces and the “tremendous interest from traditional medical brands” that the company has seen. Of course, all of these technological patents could prove to important going forward, given the range of applications of Valencell’s technology.