Valencell Licences PerformTek to Smart Earphones Developer

Valencell Licences PerformTek to Smart Earphones DeveloperBiometric wearables developer BioConnected has licensed Valencell’s PerformTek technology for a new biometric earphones product.

The HR-SENSE earphones concept is to develop smart earphones that offer users dynamic voice coaching and fitness tracking during exercise, with Valencell’s technology being used for biometric analysis after exercise sessions. The PerformTek technology will be leveraged to track metrics related to walking and running, including pace, steps, calories burned, heart rate, and more.

It should prove to be a good fit, given Valencell’s demonstrated expertise in cardiac biometrics. Moreover, the company recently launched BioPack, a prepackaged biometric platform for wearables developers; so the company should have some expertise in ensuring its technology is easy to integrate.

Commenting on the deal in a statement, BioConnected Managing Director Sven Rees called Valencell’s technology “the gold standard in biometric accuracy for wearables,” adding, “We know that by choosing Valencell we can be confident that the product will exceed user expectations, and enable an outstanding user experience.”